Source code for textattack.transformations.composite_transformation

Composite Transformation
Multiple transformations can be used by providing a list of ``Transformation`` to ``CompositeTransformation``


from textattack.shared import utils
from textattack.transformations import Transformation

[docs]class CompositeTransformation(Transformation): """A transformation which applies each of a list of transformations, returning a set of all optoins. Args: transformations: The list of ``Transformation`` to apply. """ def __init__(self, transformations): if not ( isinstance(transformations, list) or isinstance(transformations, tuple) ): raise TypeError("transformations must be list or tuple") elif not len(transformations): raise ValueError("transformations cannot be empty") self.transformations = transformations def _get_transformations(self, *_): """Placeholder method that would throw an error if a user tried to treat the CompositeTransformation as a 'normal' transformation.""" raise RuntimeError( "CompositeTransformation does not support _get_transformations()." ) def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): new_attacked_texts = set() for transformation in self.transformations: new_attacked_texts.update(transformation(*args, **kwargs)) return list(new_attacked_texts) def __repr__(self): main_str = "CompositeTransformation" + "(" transformation_lines = [] for i, transformation in enumerate(self.transformations): transformation_lines.append(utils.add_indent(f"({i}): {transformation}", 2)) transformation_lines.append(")") main_str += utils.add_indent("\n" + "\n".join(transformation_lines), 2) return main_str __str__ = __repr__