To use TextAttack, you must be running Python 3.6 or above. A CUDA-compatible GPU is optional but will greatly improve speed.

We recommend installing TextAttack in a virtual environment (check out this guide).

There are two ways to install TextAttack. If you want to simply use as it is, install via pip. If you want to make any changes and play around, install it from source.

Install with pip

Simply run

pip install textattack[tensorflow]

Install from Source

To install TextAttack from source, first clone the repo by running

git clone
cd TextAttack

Then, install it using pip.

pip install -e . 

To install TextAttack for further development, please run this instead.

pip install -e .[dev]

This installs additional dependencies required for development.

Optional Dependencies

For quick installation, TextAttack only installs essential packages as dependencies (e.g. Transformers, PyTorch). However, you might need to install additional packages to run certain attacks or features. For example, Tensorflow and Tensorflow Hub are required to use the TextFooler attack, which was proposed in Is BERT Really Robust? A Strong Baseline for Natural Language Attack on Text Classification and Entailment by Di Jin, Zhijing Jin, Joey Tianyi Zhou, and Peter Szolov.

If you are attempting to use a feature that requires additional dependencies, TextAttack will let you know which ones you need to install.

However, during installation step, you can also install them together with TextAttack. You can install Tensorflow and its related packages by running

pip install textattack[tensorflow]

You can also install other miscellaneous optional dependencies by running

pip install textattack[optional]

To install both groups of packages, run

pip install textattack[tensorflow,optional]

FAQ on installation

For many of the dependent library issues, the following command is the first you could try:

pip install --force-reinstall textattack


pip install textattack[tensorflow,optional]

Besides, we highly recommend you to use virtual environment for textattack use, see information here. Here is one conda example:

conda create -n textattackenv python=3.8
conda activate textattackenv
conda env list

If you want to use the most-up-to-date version of textattack (normally with newer bug fixes), you can run the following:

git clone
cd TextAttack
pip install .[dev]