Source code for textattack.shared.utils.importing

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import importlib
import time
import types

import textattack

from .install import logger

[docs]class LazyLoader(types.ModuleType): """Lazily import a module, mainly to avoid pulling in large dependencies. This allows them to only be loaded when they are used. """ def __init__(self, local_name, parent_module_globals, name): self._local_name = local_name self._parent_module_globals = parent_module_globals super(LazyLoader, self).__init__(name) def _load(self): """Load the module and insert it into the parent's globals.""" # Import the target module and insert it into the parent's namespace try: module = importlib.import_module(self.__name__) except ModuleNotFoundError as e: raise ModuleNotFoundError( f"Lazy module loader cannot find module named `{self.__name__}`. " f"This might be because TextAttack does not automatically install some optional dependencies. " f"Please run `pip install {self.__name__}` to install the package." ) from e self._parent_module_globals[self._local_name] = module # Update this object's dict so that if someone keeps a reference to the # LazyLoader, lookups are efficient (__getattr__ is only called on lookups # that fail). self.__dict__.update(module.__dict__) return module def __getattr__(self, item): module = self._load() return getattr(module, item) def __dir__(self): module = self._load() return dir(module)
[docs]def load_module_from_file(file_path): """Uses ``importlib`` to dynamically open a file and load an object from it.""" temp_module_name = f"temp_{time.time()}" colored_file_path = textattack.shared.utils.color_text( file_path, color="blue", method="ansi" )"Loading module from `{colored_file_path}`.") spec = importlib.util.spec_from_file_location(temp_module_name, file_path) module = importlib.util.module_from_spec(spec) spec.loader.exec_module(module) return module