Source code for textattack.models.wrappers.tensorflow_model_wrapper

TensorFlow Model Wrapper

import numpy as np

from .model_wrapper import ModelWrapper

[docs]class TensorFlowModelWrapper(ModelWrapper): """Loads a TensorFlow model and tokenizer. TensorFlow models can use many different architectures and tokenization strategies. This assumes that the model takes an np.array of strings as input and returns a tf.Tensor of outputs, as is typical with Keras modules. You may need to subclass this for models that have dedicated tokenizers or otherwise take input differently. """ def __init__(self, model): self.model = model def __call__(self, text_input_list, **kwargs): text_array = np.array(text_input_list) preds = self.model(text_array) return preds.numpy()
[docs] def get_grad(self, text_input): raise NotImplementedError()