Source code for textattack.loggers.weights_and_biases_logger

Attack Logs to WandB

from textattack.shared.utils import LazyLoader, html_table_from_rows

from .logger import Logger

[docs]class WeightsAndBiasesLogger(Logger): """Logs attack results to Weights & Biases.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): global wandb wandb = LazyLoader("wandb", globals(), "wandb") wandb.init(**kwargs) self.kwargs = kwargs self.project_name = self._result_table_rows = [] def __setstate__(self, state): global wandb wandb = LazyLoader("wandb", globals(), "wandb") self.__dict__ = state wandb.init(resume=True, **self.kwargs)
[docs] def log_summary_rows(self, rows, title, window_id): table = wandb.Table(columns=["Attack Results", ""]) for row in rows: if isinstance(row[1], str): try: row[1] = row[1].replace("%", "") row[1] = float(row[1]) except ValueError: raise ValueError( f'Unable to convert row value "{row[1]}" for Attack Result "{row[0]}" into float' ) table.add_data(*row) metric_name, metric_score = row[metric_name] = metric_score wandb.log({"attack_params": table})
def _log_result_table(self): """Weights & Biases doesn't have a feature to automatically aggregate results across timesteps and display the full table. Therefore, we have to do it manually. """ result_table = html_table_from_rows( self._result_table_rows, header=["", "Original Input", "Perturbed Input"] ) wandb.log({"results": wandb.Html(result_table)})
[docs] def log_attack_result(self, result): original_text_colored, perturbed_text_colored = result.diff_color( color_method="html" ) result_num = len(self._result_table_rows) self._result_table_rows.append( [ f"<b>Result {result_num}</b>", original_text_colored, perturbed_text_colored, ] ) result_diff_table = html_table_from_rows( [[original_text_colored, perturbed_text_colored]] ) result_diff_table = wandb.Html(result_diff_table) wandb.log( { "result": result_diff_table, "original_output": result.original_result.output, "perturbed_output": result.perturbed_result.output, } ) self._log_result_table()
[docs] def log_sep(self): self.fout.write("-" * 90 + "\n")