Source code for textattack.constraints.pre_transformation.max_modification_rate


Max Modification Rate

import math

from textattack.constraints import PreTransformationConstraint

[docs]class MaxModificationRate(PreTransformationConstraint): """A constraint that prevents modifying words beyond certain percentage of total number of words. Args: max_rate (:obj:`float`): Percentage of words that can be modified. For example, given text of 20 words, `max_rate=0.1` will allow at most 2 words to be modified. min_threshold (:obj:`int`, optional, defaults to :obj:`1`): The minimum number of words that can be perturbed regardless of `max_rate`. For example, given text of 20 words and `max_rate=0.1`, setting`min_threshold=4` will still allow 4 words to be modified even though `max_rate=0.1` only allows 2 words. This is useful since text length can vary a lot between samples, and a `N%` modification limit might not make sense for very short text. """ def __init__(self, max_rate, min_threshold=1): assert isinstance(max_rate, float), "`max_rate` must be a float." assert max_rate >= 0 and max_rate <= 1, "`max_rate` must between 0 and 1." assert isinstance(min_threshold, int), "`min_threshold` must an int" self.max_rate = max_rate self.min_threshold = min_threshold def _get_modifiable_indices(self, current_text): """Returns the word indices in current_text which are able to be modified.""" threshold = max( math.ceil(current_text.num_words * self.max_rate), self.min_threshold ) if len(current_text.attack_attrs["modified_indices"]) >= threshold: return set() else: return set(range(len(current_text.words)))
[docs] def extra_repr_keys(self): return ["max_rate", "min_threshold"]