Source code for textattack.attack_recipes.morpheus_tan_2020

(It’s Morphin’ Time! Combating Linguistic Discrimination with Inflectional Perturbations)

from textattack import Attack
from textattack.constraints.pre_transformation import (
from textattack.goal_functions import MinimizeBleu
from textattack.search_methods import GreedySearch
from textattack.transformations import WordSwapInflections

from .attack_recipe import AttackRecipe

[docs]class MorpheusTan2020(AttackRecipe): """Samson Tan, Shafiq Joty, Min-Yen Kan, Richard Socher. It’s Morphin’ Time! Combating Linguistic Discrimination with Inflectional Perturbations """
[docs] @staticmethod def build(model_wrapper): # # Goal is to minimize BLEU score between the model output given for the # perturbed input sequence and the reference translation # goal_function = MinimizeBleu(model_wrapper) # Swap words with their inflections transformation = WordSwapInflections() # # Don't modify the same word twice or stopwords # constraints = [RepeatModification(), StopwordModification()] # # Greedily swap words (see pseudocode, Algorithm 1 of the paper). # search_method = GreedySearch() return Attack(goal_function, constraints, transformation, search_method)