Source code for textattack.constraints.grammaticality.language_models.gpt2

GPT2 Language Models:


import os

import torch

from textattack.shared import utils

from .language_model_constraint import LanguageModelConstraint

# temporarily silence W&B to ignore log-in warning
os.environ["WANDB_SILENT"] = "1"

[docs]class GPT2(LanguageModelConstraint): """A constraint based on the GPT-2 language model. from "Better Language Models and Their Implications" ( Args: model_name: id of GPT2 model """ def __init__(self, model_name="gpt2", **kwargs): import transformers # re-enable notifications os.environ["WANDB_SILENT"] = "0" self.model = transformers.GPT2LMHeadModel.from_pretrained(model_name) self.tokenizer = transformers.GPT2Tokenizer.from_pretrained(model_name) super().__init__(**kwargs)
[docs] def get_log_probs_at_index(self, text_list, word_index): """Gets the probability of the word at index `word_index` according to GPT-2. Assumes that all items in `text_list` have the same prefix up until `word_index`. """ prefix = text_list[0].text_until_word_index(word_index) if not utils.has_letter(prefix): # This language model perplexity is not defined with respect to # a word without a prefix. If the prefix is null, just return the # log-probability 0.0. return torch.zeros(len(text_list), dtype=torch.float) token_ids = self.tokenizer.encode(prefix) tokens_tensor = torch.tensor([token_ids]) tokens_tensor = with torch.no_grad(): outputs = self.model(tokens_tensor) predictions = outputs[0] probs = [] for attacked_text in text_list: next_word_ids = self.tokenizer.encode(attacked_text.words[word_index]) next_word_prob = predictions[0, -1, next_word_ids[0]] probs.append(next_word_prob) return probs